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When a Wedding Planner Weds: How we developed our theme

The other day I was sitting around thinking about what I could share on my blog that would be helpful and interesting to my readers. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged last, which is mainly because it was high peak wedding season and as a wedding planner and florist, I really just didn’t have the time to create great content, but also because I don’t want to rewrite posts I’ve essentially already written or write something non-useful and boring just for the sake of creating content. As I was brainstorming, I thought about writing a series not just through the eyes of a wedding planner, but also myself as to-be bride. With that being said, I’m going to openly share our (myself & Jordan’s) journey of planning our own wedding.

It makes sense to start from the beginning with how we decided on our overall theme, what we’ve been doing to develop it and how we’ve managed to stay on budget.

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Atmosphere: Intimate, warm, dinner-partyesque, romantic, fun

Above are the 5 adjectives we chose to describe the way we want our wedding to feel, look and be. As we choose each of our vendors and details, we will reflect back to these words to ensure our original design is upheld.

Details we love: Wood, bohemian, rustic elements, greenery, flowers

We love the outdoors and hiking. Jordan makes reclaimed wood furniture and decor pieces and I of course am a florist and wedding planner. We also love hosting dinner parties when we have free time. Our home is filled with wood pieces and green plants. We wanted our wedding to reflect all of this so it would reflect us as a couple.

Staying on budget:

 I’ll start by saying we are incredibly lucky to be immersed in the world of weddings and have made an abundance of great friends who have so graciously given us great pricing for our wedding. I will also be doing my own floral design for the wedding. I know- it’s overzealous of me but I have a vision and I like to be in control – ha! It also means we are only paying for wholesale florals and the labor is of course free.

The bottom line is, neither Jordan and I, nor our parents are in the position to host a 300 person wedding AND have our priorities and wants shine through. Think about that for a minute though. The budget we have decided on could absolutely feed and dethirst 300 people no problem. Our priority is not to mearly feed 300 people with mediocre food. Our priority is to create an experience for our guests. Top notch food, a highly curated design, photography and entertainment are our priorities. In order to get those bang on, we had to think outside the box.

We actually wanted to skip a lot of the traditional elements of a wedding, so we are going straight to the party by inviting our guests to a locally sourced charcuterie and wine (& beer!) party. We’re talking farm to table, from Niagara or surrounding area meats and artisan cheeses. No one will go hungry or feel like they couldn’t get enough to drink- that’s important to us. We wanted to keep the atompshere lively and intimate so we chose a band for our entertainment so it would truly feel like a party for our guests. By choosing to have a non-traditional wedding, we are not only keeping our budget down, but we’re doing so without sacrificing our overall ideals for the wedding.

You don’t have to be a wedding planner to feel “allowed” to do something outside of the norm. I’ll follow up this post with ideas on how you can develop your own wedding ideals while staying within your budget later this week, and I’ll post more information on the specific details we have chosen to incorporate as well as my dress shopping experience etc. throughout this blog series which will be posted every Monday, as long as I have new information to share with you!

Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on thinking outside of the box. Would you personally rather attend a traditional seated dinner with no thrills, or a party that celebrates the couple with unique touches and special thought? Let me know if the comments! If you need help planning your own wedding on budget without sacrificing details, send me a message in the form below for information on how I can help!


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