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When a Wedding Planner Weds: Choosing The Madhatters

When we revisit our adjectives to describe our wedding (you can see them here), intimate and fun really stand out to us. We want our guests to feel like they are at an exclusive event where they are treated like VIPS. Because of this, we knew we wanted to showcase a live band that would add to the atmosphere of the night.

Being local to Niagara, of course that means we decided to book The Madhatters! I’ve worked with The Madhatters at a lot of my previous clients weddings and I know they always do a wonderful job. I have the utmost confidence in them.

the madhatters

Why we chose a Live Band Vs a DJ

Let me start off by saying that there are a ton of great DJ’s in Niagara and the majority of my clients do choose to have a DJ vs. A Live Band. Without a doubt we could host a great party with a DJ.

We chose a band because of the tone it sets for our guests. As I mentioned above, we wanted our guests to feel like they were at an intimate, exclusive event. We felt a live band would really capture that. It’s also more casual in a way, and can be easier to dance to if you haven’t yet had too much to drink( and since our entertainment ends at 11 pm due to noise restrictions we want to get the most people we can on the dance floor before they leave). A live band also provides great listening music for people who would rather mingle than dance. I’m sure the dancing guests who have been drinking all night love when “Turn Down for What” comes on, but Grandma and Aunt Betsy are probably not so into it. We want a band that gets young people and old ladies alike up on the dance floor.

It’s been my experience that with the 11:00 pm sound curfew at outdoor weddings, most DJ’s feel like the party is only just getting started by the time it takes to get people out on the dance floor. With a band, I’ve always found the dance floor to be full the moment they play their first note.

It really just came down to the feeling and interaction we wanted our guests to have during the night and for us a live band, specifically The Madhatters was the answer hands down, no questions asked.

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