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When a Wedding Planner Weds: Finding a Wedding Dress

If you haven’t been following along with the series, so far I’ve talked about how we developed our wedding design and stayed within our budget. Today I wanted to talk about how I found my wedding dress.

wedding dress niagara^ Not my wedding dress, but how beautiful was Kimberley’s?

Finding my Wedding Dress

Confession, I didn’t try on a single wedding dress. What? I didn’t even step into a wedding dress store. I know! I was actually walking around Saks Off 5th when I saw this beautiful dress that I will not yet describe to you because Jordan doesn’t know what it looks like! I pointed it out to his sister and she told me I should buy it for weddings. While it was way too fancy to wear for working, I did want to buy it. In store, the dress had these ugly thick black straps that someone, somewhere thought would be a good idea. Me, not so much. However, I did see the potential in the rest of the dress, with a few alterations.

So this dress is a designer dress, originally listed for $2500. I purchased it for $180! Guys, I know! The best part is, I didn’t purchase it because it was cheap, I am in LOVE with it. It perfectly suits me and I saved a ton. Again, I was thinking outside of the box, at what could be and now I not only have a dress that literally no other bride will have (as it wasn’t marketed as a wedding dress and will be custom altered), but I saved a ton on what I had originally budgeted.

Not everyone will be able to come across a dress like that just sitting in-store, but don’t rule out looking in alternate places just in case!

So tell me, where did you purchase your dress from? Was it in budget or did you go over finding the perfect dress?

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