You're looking for an effortless experience with a partner to walk hand in hand with through your planning development. Someone who can tell your story the way you see it. You want to find an ally that you can wholeheartedly trust to implement your design, tackle the logistics and seemlessly execute the blueprints. Ultimately, you want someone else to handle the fine points, so you can be present in the planning elements that matter most.

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You want to take on an active role as you plan your wedding but you're looking for guidance, advice and referrals from an insider along the way. You know you need help with bringing your thoughts to fruition so you're looking for a partner who will assist you with this. Design is an important element to you, so having someone to help communicate your story through your wedding details is a must. You feel at ease knowing you will have an industry expert "on-call" as you make your plans. The thought of having someone else to manage your day-of details is incredibly settling to you. 

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You've done all of the design and planning but you want the help of a professional to tie it all together for you. You are aware that you can't be in two places at once so you're looking for someone who can step in to be your representative for the day. The partner you're looking for will not only be able to execute all of the details you've set out, but also assist you with any items or ideas you may have left out. Shortly put, you're looking for someone who can figureatively "wear your shoes" for the day and manage your expectations in the exact same way you would. 

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Curating a floral design brings so much joy to my heart. Whether you are or hope to become an existing planning client or are looking for floral-only services, my approach is to produce arrangements with an understated simplicity which spotlight as focal pieces in your event design.

I specalize in loose, organically structured compositions.

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