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Niagara Wedding Planning: How to Throw a Hospitable Celebration

When planning a wedding we often get carried away with it being “our wedding”. As much as it is your wedding, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without your guests. As you plan your wedding, think about what you can do to create an experience for your guests, and how you can make them feel that experience.

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One of the easiest ways to make sure your guests are happy is to make sure they are comfortable. If you’re wedding is planned for the middle of the summer and you’ll be outdoors, think about ways to keep them cool. Fans and ice water go along way. Also think about seating your guests in the shade if possible and not planning to have your ceremony at the hottest point of the day. If you are planning for a late fall wedding, know that it could turn out to be a cool day and you should prepare to keep your guests cozy. Hot apple cider and some inexpensive throws are a great way to do that.

Also take note of the chairs you’ll seat your guests on as well as asking about the temperature of the room if having an indoor wedding.

Provide a bathroom basket full of items that your guests may wish they had during the night. Hairspray, bug spray, tylenol, breath mints, etc. are all good examples of items to have on hand.


Make sure your guests are fully informed on where to go and where to be at the times they need to be there. Provide clear directions in your invitations, especially if your venue is hard to find. I once had a bride who took video directions for her guests and posted them to Facebook so they wouldn’t get lost on the way.

Stay as close to on schedule as possible so your guests are not waiting around for unneccessary amounts of time.


See the Venue Through your Guests Eyes.

Physically walk through your venue, and theoretically walk through the day of events as your guests would see it. Keep an eye out for details that may need adjusting and make note of how you can increase the experience for your guests.


If you begin your Niagara wedding planning with the intention of everyone having an amazing time and you put the focus on their happiness over what you want, the end results of your planning will be highly talked about forever.

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