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Niagara Wedding Planner | What We Do Differently

In a saturated market it can be hard to stand out to potential clients who are looking for a Niagara wedding planner. While I want to shout and jump and raise my hand “pick me, pick me, you won’t regret it” it’s obviously not the way to portray why you should choose me.  When I first started wedding planning (5 years ago) in Niagara, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. There were a few companies to “compete” with (and I say compete, yet we’re all very vendor-friends), but I knew that if I set a strong brand message and worked hard at my job and at making connections, I would succeed in what I had set out to attain. Flash forward to 2017. There are more magical venues opening up every day in Niagara, which is of course attracting more clients to Niagara, and along with that comes more Niagara Wedding Planners.  It’s certainly not a bad thing, it’s even a great thing for clients looking to hire a Niagara wedding planner. The negative side about this is that it becomes harder to set ourselves apart from each other. We all plan beautiful outdoor winery weddings, we all have experience with working through the logistics, and designing in Niagara can tend to look the same when clients come to Niagara because they want that whimiscal, romantic, foliage-abundant style wedding. Not only is it tougher for us on the business side, it’s harder for the client trying to find the perfect fit.

With all of that being said, this is what we do differently and this is why you should hire us.

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Start to Finish Service

As a Niagara wedding planner, I focus on full scale planning services. This is because I want to offer you start to finish coverage so nothing can be left to chance. Start to finish service with Weddings Tied With Lace means unlimited, always here for you service. Unlike other planner’s I stay until the very end of the evening. That way I can ensure that guests have managed to get where they are going, your personal items have been gathered up and put aside, and that the night wraps up smoothly.

“…Having Meagan with us on the big day was an absolute life saver and worth every penny. She stayed with us until the bitter end of the night, and because of her, we were able to relax and fully enjoy our own wedding.” – Dee.

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You’ll Be the Only Clients

Full Service clients can rest assured that they will be the only clients I take on during the weekend of their wedding. This way I can ensure my team’s focus is dedicated solely to that client. Not only do you have our full attention for your wedding day, but we also clear the week before the wedding to prioritize availability for that client. It’s important to me for my clients to feel like VIP’s throughout the entire process, but especially as the wedding day nears.

“Meagan answered any questions I had quickly and recommended vendors based on my budget and my wishes. She was likely juggling many wedding at the same time as mine, but she was able to keep my wishes and requests straight and did not make me feel neglected. Any request that was made was tended to within minutes. She was readily available all day to us to help with any situation and be there for any questions….” – Jill
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Fully Engaged in Design

From the original design concept we create based on the clients ideas, through to actually executing the floral arrangement and building custom pieces, I am fully engaged in the entire design process. Being able to not just design on paper but actually create my ideas allows me to ensure the client is getting exactly the design we talked about instead of trying to “play telephone” by working through a series of vendors trying to work off of the original design concept. Additionally, for my full service clients I provide a mock-up of the tablescape. This way, clients can actually see and visualize how their wedding will look when it’s all put together. It’s also a time to make any last minute changes to ensure the perfect set up.

“…She was able to take our vision and turn it into reality on our wedding day, and exceeded our expectations when it came to the florals, centerpieces, and especially the wedding cake…” – Dee

“… I highly recommend the floral add on! What an incredible experience to have the same vision for the planning and the florals. We had a perfect wedding and it was a huge part due to Meagan! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!” – Julia

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My Team

I never show up to a wedding alone. I know there are Niagara wedding planners who work by themselves, but with only getting one shot at your wedding day I like to ensure I have all of our bases covered. I provide a team at no extra cost to my clients so that I know we will be done in time, I have someone to run out if need be, and simply because I can’t be in two places at once. The size of the team I bring on depends on the size of the wedding and the amount of work and set up required.

“…People still talk about how seamless everything appeared to be and when they do I always place the credit solely on your shoulders and your ability to work with my wife.”- Paul

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Meagan, you were so great we didn’t even realize you were there until you needed us or we needed you. You kept everything organized and the day went so smoothly that even if something huge had happened we know you would have handled it. You were so easy to talk to and I knew it would be difficult finding someone who I could trust to understand my vision…”- Mandi

niagara on the lake wedding planner


When it comes to design, I’m not only focused on what is going to look great and what is going to be pretty, I’m also very focused on telling the couples story. The details we can implement that emulate who the couple is together, are the details that make a wedding super special. For example: Dee & Harry love the outdoors. They love to hike and be in nature. They chose Inn on the Twenty as their venue because of the amazing view of the tree-filled Ravine their guests would have. Additionally, we brought in natural branches, trees, moss and even grape vine to “bring the outside in” for them.

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“…As the vision for our wedding was different than what is currently on trend I was nervous about the outcome. Anytime we had a question you had an answer. Even when we would disagree on an idea we knew you were giving another option just to be sure the decision we made is what we wanted. The day of the wedding went so smoothly and we know you played a huge part in that. We can’t thank you enough for your time and dedication to your work. Although the wedding is the big show next to the everlasting marriage, the details were important to us and you made my vision come to life.” – Mandi

No Fluff

Like in any customer service or sales industry there can be a lot of smoke blown up your you-know-what. I hate that crap. I’m always going to be 100% real with my clients and potential clients. I will tell you straight-up what I think, always, at all times. Clients hire me for guidance and advice, so what kind of planner would I be if I just said “sure, we can do that” knowing that it wasn’t the best option or it might not work out. I’m also pretty transparent. I don’t pretend to be someone else to get the business or to gain followers or have people like me. If you follow me on Instagram you can see in my Instagram stories how I just talk about(often in a thrown up bun with hair falling down the sides and my glasses on at my desk in between work) what’s going on in my business and my life. I want prospective clients, current clients and vendor friends to know the real me so they know who they are going to be working with so closely over the next year of their lives.

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