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Why You Need a Wedding Website & How to Use it.

Have you thought about creating a wedding website? Do you think it’s silly? It’s not.

Here are a few benefits of using a wedding website:

  • All your information in one place. With so many different hard copies of information (save the dates, the bridal shower invitation, the wedding invitation etc.) it’s easy for people to lose track of what’s happening at your wedding.
  • A place to keep your registry links. Technically, etiquette says it’s a big no-no to include your registry information on any invitation that is not for your bridal shower (then it’s acceptable because the point of a shower, is to “shower” you with gifts.  Having a link to your registry ensures anyone who visits your site, will know where to shop and what to get you.
  • Some wedding websites let you track your guest’s RSVP’s, which is handy if you’re not using a wedding planner who has a software to track this.

If I’ve convinced you to set up a wedding website here are my tips for making the most out of it:

  • Fill it out in full. Spend some time and fill out all of the sections included. This will give your guest some insight into your wedding and even about you as a couple if they are guests that haven’t been able to spend a ton of time with you.
  • Add photos! This is where you can show off all your new engagement photos you both look so great in!
  • Use the RSVP section. Especially helpful when you are able to give your guests a link so they can RSVP directly on your wedding website.
  • Personalize the site as much as you can. Use this opportunity to brand your site to forecast what you’re wedding will look and feel like so people have an idea what to expect.

Looking for a good wedding website to try out? Here’s two.


wedding website

  • It’s free!
  • There are a lot of pages you can include
  • Great, easy to use RSVP feature
  • Simple looking site
  • Doesn’t offer the most customizable layout/branding options, but does offer templates and colour/font options. 




wedding website

  • Free or premium options
  • Includes the basic pages you need, or you can upgrade for more
  • Option to include your own domain name for a more streamlined site (and easier link to include on your paper suites.) (Paid feature)
  • Pretty template options.
  • ^ you can buy invitations and paper suites to match your wedding website theme so you can easily brand your website to match your wedding. 
  • Includes an RSVP area AND you can use the same guest list to fill out the wedding invitation address’s if you purchase them from minted.com! 


Check them both out and let me know what you think in the comments below! If you have any questions on what to include on your wedding website, ask away!

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