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Marriage License Niagara: Be Legally Married in Niagara

legally married niagara

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A marriage license is probably the most boring part of your wedding planning process, however the most important part of any wedding is of course, actually getting legally married. In order to do this you need just two things; a licensed officiant and a marriage license. Here are things you should know when obtaining your marriage license in Niagara, especially for out-of-province or country couples.

1. The earliest you can apply for your marriage license is 3 months prior to your wedding date.

*If you are from out of town and you plan on visiting before your wedding date, see if you can plan to visit within 3 months of your wedding date so that you can apply for your license in advance and not have to worry about it right before you’re wedding.

2. You can obtain your marriage license from any city hall in Ontario. If you are not local to Niagara but you live in Ontario you can get this in your own city.

3. If you are arriving from out of Ontario you can get your marriage license on the same day you arrive and even on the day of your wedding (though I don’t advise that!). There are no delays or having to wait for a certain amount of days from either arriving in town or before the wedding date.  City Hall in Niagara Falls is open from 8:30 am -4:30 pm Monday- Friday, excluding holidays.

*If you are planning to be married over the weekend, make sure to arrive so there is enough time for you to get your license on the Friday. I even recommend arriving a day or two earlier than that in the event you should run into any problems. (It’s not likely, but you never know!).

4. If you one or both of you were previously married, check with a lawyer in your hometown to ensure you have ALL of the proper documents to verify you are no longer married. Without this, you will not be granted a marriage license.

5. When you sign a marriage license and your officiant sends it away, you are legally married everywhere. (Aside from obvious countries with much difference views from North America).

6. If you are still concerned about the legality of getting married in Ontario, you can always have a quick civil ceremony in your hometown and have the ceremonial aspect with your guests in Niagara.

7. Another option and trend is to have a friend preform the ceremony. In Ontario, only licensed officiants can legally marry you (and it’s not a simple or cheap process for a friend to complete). If you like the idea of having a friend preform the ceremony you have two choices. 1. Get legally married in your hometown and have your friend preform the entire ceremony in Niagara or 2. Use a licensed officiant to complete the legal parts and have a friend do the more emotional parts.

So there you have it, all of the tips and tricks I can think of to ensure you are legally married if you decide to have your wedding in Niagara!

You can check out the Niagara Falls City Hall Website for more information and a quick thank you to Cathy Davis for the fact checking!

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