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January Goals + Pursuit of Contentment

niagara on the lake weddingsUsually when December rolls around my wedding season has ended and I’m prepping for the holidays and focusing on my goals for the new year. This December was a little different, feeling like I barely had a moment to exhale in between weddings and the holidays, I wasn’t sure if I was going to really set any goals for 2016 or not. It’s funny how life sometimes hands you the pieces to the puzzle without really realizing your putting one together. Lately I’ve been feeling a push towards leading a simpler, more minimalistic lifestyle. A focus on people and experiences over things. I’ve always been the girl who has nice, new things. I love to shop. I love fashion and need want to have new clothes to wear. Even when it comes to little man, I love to dress him but you know what? He still has clothes he’s never even had the chance to wear. I don’t shop because my clothes no longer fit, or even because they are out of style. I shop because I get bored with what I have or am just bored with how the day is going. That’s ridiculous right? I’m on a mission to be content. To be grateful for what I have without wanting to buy new stuff. It’s not about saving money (although it’s a nice perk) it’s about teaching myself to fill my boredom void with something more productive than filling my space with more “stuff”. 

The original Contentment Challenge was created by Nancy Ray which you can read about here.  I’ve decided to create my own version based on what being content means for me. Not only am I focusing on being more content, but also changing my lifestyle to lead to being more simplistic and minimalistic overall.

The guidelines I am setting for myself will be as follows:

  • Get rid of/downsize/purge any items I have around the house that I do not use, don’t forsee using in the future or no longer has a purpose.
  • No unnecessary spending. If I can justify why I actually need the item I will purchase it. This isn’t a no shopping challenge, it’s just about recognizing my needs vs my wants. (Ie: I’m on my last pair of contact lenses so I will need to purchase more before my prescription runs out on January 14th however I do not need a new dress for the event I want to attend. No matter how much I may want to wear a new dress, I have plenty in my closet I can make due with.)
  • If something doesn’t have a home, I’ll either find one for it or throw it out. No “reorganizing”. That just leads to more reorganizing another day.
  • Take time to appreciate the moments spent with my friends and family. How often do we take for granted the time we spend with our loved ones? This challenge is about those moments and experiences and loving and appreciating what you already have.

I’ll be using the hashtag #pursuitofcontentment and encourage you to follow along with me! 

I’m going to aim for 3 months of no spending on this challenge, but the rest of it is a lifestyle change. Even with spending, my hope is to no longer feel the need to buy new things “just because”.

January Goals

This year I’ve decided to switch up how I would normally create and focus on my monthly goals. Instead of saying “I’m going to go to the gym everyday” or “I’m going to get up early everyday” I’ve created categories with 1 -2 goals I will focus on for each month with action steps to help me accomplish them. 


Big Goal: The contentment challenge as listed above

Small(er) Goal: Creating and sticking to a morning routine for at least 50% of my week.

Action Steps:

  • Go to bed earlier so I will want to get out of bed earlier.
  • Set my alarm for earlier than I want to get up. (I hate getting out of bed as soon as I wake up).
  • Make and enjoy my breakfast without looking at my phone.
  • Enjoy a cup a coffee while relaxing, before hitting my work emails.


Big Goal: To become better at and try to actually enjoy running. My focus at the gym will be upping my running skills, cardio and endurance.

Action Steps:

  • Getting to the gym or at least on the treadmill at home 4x a week.
  • Using the running app Couch to 5k to train to help me get out of the beginner stage.
  • Sharing my goal with others, especially people who enjoy running. B has been very encouraging about this goal because he’d selfishly love to have a running partner. Win-win.

Small Goal: Getting more yoga into my routine.

Action Steps:

  • Getting to Bodyflow classes at the gym, or using the virtual fitness.
  • If I don’t make it to an actual class, I’ll make sure to at least get a few poses and stretches in each day.


Big Goal: Hydrate! Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Action Steps:

  • Continuously keep a water bottle full and with me so it’s easy to drink.
  • Drink a glass before everymeal and about an hour before bed when I start my wind down routine.

Small Goal: Take a multi-vitamin every day.

Action Steps:

Keep my vitamins at my desk so it’s easy to take every morning.


Big Goal: Wash my face before bed every night + use a face mask or peel 3x a week.

Action Steps:

  • Take My makeup off before it gets to late and I get too tired.

Small Goal : Moisturize my hands and feet before going to bed.

Action Steps:

  • Keep moisturizer and a pair of socks in my nightstand for easy application before bed.
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