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It’s engagement season! You’re in the right place if…

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Happy January! In the wedding world, we call this engagement season! Chances are you found us by Googling about weddings in Niagara. I know, this is all new to you, you’re unsure where to start, what to do next, etc…

You’re in the right place if….

1. You or someone close to you is recently engaged.

Our site is full of posts and information with wedding ideas, how-to’s and advice. If you’re planning a wedding our blog should be a good place to start!

2. You’re specifically looking for a wedding planner.

3. You’re already stressed thinking about where to start or how you’re going to plan this wedding.

4. You’re incredibly busy with work, school, kids, etc.

5. You’re planning on eloping to Niagara Falls, but since your not local you have no clue on how this works.

6. You know you want to have a beautiful wedding, but you no concept of design and need someone to show you what you can do within your budget.

7. You’re planning a destination wedding and you want someone to help you with the details that are so far away.

8. You have no idea why you are on this website since you know you want to plan your wedding yourself.

Yep, you’re still in the right place. It’s awesome that you want to take on the task of planning your whole wedding, but you still need someone to manage your day-of coordination. We offer partial planning as way to help you manage your day AND give you guidance along the way!


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