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How to Deal with Overwhelm

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Life moves so quickly these days. Everything about this day and age is fast-paced. It can often feel like we’re spinning in place, unable to catch our breath. So how do we deal with overwhelm? It might be overwhelm in life in general, throughout your wedding planning, at your job, or maybe you’re just so overwhelmed with ideas that you can’t figure out how to start. How do we shake it? I’m certainly no expert, but I do plan weddings for a living and I manage to do it without too much stress in my everyday life. (Ps. Did you know wedding planning/event coordination is considered one of the top 10 most stressful jobs!).

Here are my Top 5 Tips on How to Deal with Overwhelm

  1. Change your outlook. Revaluate your situation and talk yourself up. What are the positives in the situation you are facing?
  2. If all you can think of are the negatives, ask yourself, in the worse case scenario, what would happen. What will you do? How will you deal with the overwhelm as it hits you? What is the second worse scenario and how would you deal with that. Making a game plan to deal with any and all possible negative or daunting situations is key to feeling like you can take charge and deal with the overwhelm.
  3.  Fuel your body. Make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to keep your hormones in check and you feeling good about yourself!
  4. Excercise. If you are a gym person, go! Workout your frustrations. As Elle Woods says, ” Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” I personally am a huge yoga fan. Not only do I feel like my body is in shape, but after a practice, my mind is too. There is something so satisfying about the way I feel after Yoga.
  5. Experiment with mediation. Now hear me out! I used to think meditation was all hooey, but after getting more serious into my yoga practice and reading a few books on the topic, I started trying to for myself. If I feel stuck, stressed, sad, or even just in dire need of a break, I’ll take even just 15 minutes to breath, think, reconnect, and reground myself.

Here’s a free 30-Day Meditation challenge by Mind Place.



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