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Destination Weddings | Services

Thinking of a destination wedding? We can help! Whether you want the traditional beach destination wedding, or you want something more unique we can help you plan the details.

Why do you need a coordinator for your destination wedding?

Well you might want to hire us if:

  • You are looking for a wedding that isn’t “cookie-cutter” (because let’s face it, a beach is a beach and all-inclusive’s are great but they don’t provide that special touch.
  • You need help designing and developing your theme.
  • You really want to WOW your guests and say “thank-you” for coming.
  • You have no idea where to start, who to contact, or how to hold your wedding in a different city/province/state/country.

Quick tip! A destination wedding does not have to take place on a tropical beach, if you’re thinking of a beach destination, the US has some pretty great beaches too!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to book a completely free initial meeting. We can drink Starbucks and chat about your upcoming wedding!


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