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I’m fairly sure Lia is my long lost soul sister. This girl made me laugh almost every time I read an email from her. Her and Adam are such a fun couple, it’s no doubt their wedding is high on my list of favourites. Lia had originally decided she was going to do her own flowers, but after thinking it through a little closer to the date she realized she was crazy. In a “What was I thinking” moment, she emailed me to find a last minute florist. Fortunately between the time Lia had hired me and the time she started looking for a florist, I had actually become one. Lia’s brother handmade 20 or so wooden boxes which we filled with blush hydrangea (so pretty!). In between the boxes we will mason jars and bud vases with ivory and blush blooms. They decided against bouquets which totally worked for them as they rocked their stunning dresses.

As for the venue, I love working at Kurtz Orchards. They have two separate sides to the venue: Gracewood Estates and the Market Side. Lia and Adam’s wedding took place on the Gracewood side. Anne and Laurie do such a great job of making the venue picture perfect, it requires very little outside decor. The photos below were captured by Little Blue Lemon who were also a blast to work with!

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This wedding was also published on The Knot and 5Star Wedding Directory which you can visit for more photos!

how to wedding vendor

Choosing a vendor that is able to understand and create your vision is hard to find.  Here are some tips to help you find the perfect vendor for you.

  1. Know what you want. If you have a clear idea of what you want this will help you choose the vendor you need. Don’t choose a vendor that is an expert in doing extravagant make-up if you want your look to be more classic and elegant.
  2. Educate yourself. Look up reviews, either on social media or through friends. Just remember to take it lightly, other people have different taste than you might have. So the more you educate yourself on the vendor, the more accurate your overall opinion will be.
  3. Meet up with the vendor. Once you have done your research, meet with them in person. Tell them about your budget and ideas for the wedding, ask questions, get to know each other a bit.

Being asked to be part of a wedding party is an honour and should be exciting! However there are a few things you should know before accepting the responsibility.

Be aware that it will cost money. No matter what role you have in the wedding party, big or small, you will have to spend money. Try not to complain about the price of things. If money is an issue, speak to the bride/groom before accepting the role.

Know when to speak. Remember this is not your day. If the couple is happy with a decision, you should be too! If you really feel that you need to state your opinion on a matter, pull the bride/groom aside during a later time and express your reasoning. If they still choose to do it their way, accept it and move on.

Offer your assistance. The bride/groom are going to be overwhelmed, and sometimes they are not going to know how to ask for help. It is your responsibility to assist and do some work for them, even if you don’t like it.

Know your role. Being a braidsmaid or groomsmen is more than just drinking and having a good time. You need to be aware of your role and duties before the bride/groom even mentions them to you. Often, you will be responsible for planning the bachelorette/bachelor party, helping the bride or groom with tasks leading up to the wedding,  and most importantly remember to try get along with everyone. There are often a lot of different personalities in one wedding party. Do your best to ensure a smooth process.

 “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue”. We all know the saying, but it can be tough to come up with ways to take this old tradition and make it new again. Here are a few ways our past clients have incorporated something blue into their wedding.

  1. Instead of the bride wearing blue, have the groom and groomsmen wear it.

blue wedding

2. Drive around in a blue golf cart as you leave the wedding ceremony.

golf club wedding

3. Incorporate blue into your wedding decorations by creating blue centerpieces, or give out blue favours for your guests.weddings in niagara



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