I’m on woman on a mission to create, style and celebrate meaningful weddings with hints of whimsy and heaps of heart.

I’ve seen it all with over a decade in this industry working in just about every major service (venue, bakery, floral design, photography and beauty). Planning captured my imagination and heart. It let me take all of my wisdom and share it so you can have the best wedding day… ever!

Aesthetically I’m a white-space loving, freespirit with an affinity for flowers. I value simplicity and focus on the meaningful details that truly make your day, well.. yours! I adore cozy spaces, lace, textures and polished, classic design. When your wedding needs to be elevated to that next level we can talk metallics, hints of sparkle or punches of colour.

Wedding Planner. Designer. Florist. I’m a little bit of this mixed with a whole lot of that. I speak the language of weddings and because of it I’m not only able to see your vision but to actually create it for you. 

If we’re going to be celebrating together you need to know:
* I am up for anything, always. Florals from the ceiling? Got it. Roadtrip? On it.
* You’ll be sharing your secrets soon like we’re crib mates since babes. I’ve got a willing ear and soft shoulders. BFF’s in the making.
* Life is for living and loving sloooooowly. I believe wholeheartedly in simplifying and spending time with those we love.

Oh and for the technical stuff…

Not only am I certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada as a wedding planner & destination wedding planner, I was the previous Regional Rep for Niagara. That means you get a pro with creds. WPIC planners’ follow a strict code of ethics which ensure you are hiring a legitimate planner with experience.

Want to know more? Read about our brand here and our services here.

I’d love to meet you! Send us a message today to chat about your wedding and design proposal!

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