I serve couples who are looking to host an expertly executed, once in a lifetime event. It's my personal mission to help my clients create, organize, style and celebrate their meaningful wedding with hints of whimsy and heaps of heart.

Growing up in the Niagara wedding industry over the last decade and a bit has given me the wisdom to provide my clients with a well-rounded knowledge of everything wedding. Though I gained experience in different services, planning captured my imagination and my heart. It is my passion to help couples, not just by taking care of all the wedding logistics but also taking it a step further to develop and implement design plans and floral work. My heart literally beats with excitement when I sit down with a couple to talk about their wedding vision. When I start to design on paper or physically during flower arranging, it beats even quicker. Finally, when the wedding day has approached and I see our work unfold into this magical day of intentionally planned details, guests who are wowed by the exceptional amount of thought and beauty, and the love that my couples share, not just with each other but with their family and friends, I feel like I'm about to burst at the seems with joy and accomplishment.


Aesthetically I’m a white-space loving, freespirit with an affinity for flowers. I value simplicity and focus on the meaningful details that truly make your day yours!

I adore cozy spaces, lace, textures and polished, classic design. When your wedding needs to be elevated to that next level we can talk metallics, hints of sparkle or punches of colour.

Wedding Planner. Designer. Florist. 
I’m not only able to see your vision but am able to actually create it for you too. 

Start chatting with me immediately by clicking here or by texting 905.329.3219. 

If we’re going to be celebrating together you need to know:
* I am up for anything, always. Florals from the ceiling? Got it. Roadtrip? On it.
* You’ll be sharing your secrets soon like we've been friends forever. I’ve got a willing ear and soft shoulders. 
* Life is for living and loving slowly. I believe wholeheartedly in simplifying and spending time with those we love.

Oh and for the technical stuff…

Not only am I certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada as a wedding planner & destination wedding planner, I was the previous Regional Rep for Niagara. That means you get a pro with creds. WPIC planners’ follow a strict code of ethics which ensure you are hiring a legitimate planner with experience.

If you're dying to know more about the girl behind the brand, scroll down to keep reading.
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I’d love to meet you! Send us a message today so we can chat over coffee in-person or via Skype about your wedding, design and floral dreams.

When I'm not working at home or starbucks on wedding planning and designing, or curating a floral arrangement in my studio you can find me ...

  • Spending time with my fiance, Jordan.
  • Hosting a dinner party for our closest friends.
  • Sipping wine or coffee in the backyard.
  • Pruning the garden.
  • Enjoying the outdoors.

My amazing fiance also happens to be my secret weapon when it comes to the custom design pieces "we" build for my clients. You may see him around when it comes to set up and tear down. 

I love to travel, explore and go on new adventures. 

I'm a foodie who loves to cook just as much as I like to eat great food!