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Welcome Twenty Eighteen

I love the way a new year feels like a fresh start. While there may not be a significant or instant change from one day to the next, the beginning of a new year feels free, making the possibilities endless. How great of a feeling is it to feel like you can do anything, set goals and create an action plan to follow it?

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My December goal was centered around productivity and my while my current goals for 2018 are still very productivity-focused, there is a little more long-term thinking involved in them. Each year I follow Lara Casey’s goal setting series. One of the things Lara has us do is pick a word for the year (or season that you’re currently in). Right up until the moment I started writing this post I thought I would continue with “productive” being my word for the year, however I felt a shift towards using the word “grounded”. The word “grounded” is about feeling centered and balanced as I I reach for each one of my goals this year.  2018 will lead to big life changes. Jordan and I will be getting married and we have a big business and personal adventure on the horizon that will surely need me to stay grounded throughout.

Here is a glimpse at a few of the goals I’m focusing on:

One: Healthy Eating and Living

I know that everyone says they are going to change their diet and exercise each time the new year hits so don’t roll your eyes at me here! Jordan and I frequently do periods of Paleo eating, but this time I’d like to plan for a longer time, if not complete lifestyle change. That’s a huge goal, really. While I find dinners easy enough to make Paleo, I sometimes struggle with what to eat if I’m out running around and need something quick or if I’m in the groove with work in the morning, I find it tough to give myself time to go make an actual breakfast.  With that being said, I’m setting out to meal plan what we will eat in advance. I know my friend Rhi precuts all her veggies for her breakfast and lunches, etc, so I may have to try that too!

I also want to be more consistent with Yoga and the gym. Yoga in itself is grounding. The way I feel after a practice is mentally invigorating. Not only does my body get a good stretch and tone, my mind does as well. With that being said, I do want to get back into strength training at the gym as well, even if I just get there once or twice a week.

I’ll totally admit that part of the why for this goal is vanity but it’s also very much about feeling good, healthy and strong.

Two: Household Budgeting

I think having a budget of some sort always ends up in my goal posts, but this is a goal I want to stick with and it does point to my word “grounded”. Jordan and I have talked about setting up our joint account, and now I’m making it a priority. My goal for us as a household this year, is to have our wedding paid off without debt and to also pay off a good chunk of previous loans/cars, etc.

Three: Business

My big business adventure I mentioned above is going to require a lot of dedication on the back-end side of things. That means planning out my social media posts each month, committing to blogging, writing my newsletter each month (which you can sign up for here), and actively promoting what I do without being “salesy” or pushy.

Each of my goals for this year are 100% big picture goals that will help shape the ideal lifestyle we see for ourselves in the near and the far future.

What is your “word” for the year? Have you set any goals? I would LOVE for you to share them with me in the comments below!

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  • Nicole - Love these goals! I totally agree with yoga being very grounding. One of my goals is to go to yoga 3 days a week. I always leave feeling so refreshed!ReplyCancel

    • Meagles13 - Thanks so much Nicole!

      Yes! I totally agree with you. I am trying to get there Tuesday-Saturday but it always depends on my schedule as well!