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  • Hi! I’m Meagan.

    A little about me in a nutshell...I love pretty things. flowers.Starbucks. true love. vintage everything. anything sparkly. amazing shoes. Kate Spade & being creative!

    I'm a certified wedding planner and destination wedding planner specializing in meaningful, romantic and whimsical weddings with a focus on luxe plans & unique design!

    I'd be so thrilled if you contacted me to chat about your wedding! You can do that here!

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I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Here’s a quick explanation of why:

using pinterest

The Good:

Pinterest is an amazing source for inspiration. No matter what you’re looking for, you can be almost certain you’ll find the perfect image of it on Pinterest.

The Bad:

With so (too) many options available on Pinterest, you can slowly drive yourself mad and second guess your first decisions. You don’t want to end up changing all of your wedding ideas and schemes half way through the process just to start all over again when you see a theme you like more.

The Ugly: 

More often then not, brides en up pinning ideas that are way out of their budget. They go to a meeting showing the vendor what it is they want, but ca’t understand why it’s not affordable to them. Their hopes get crushed a little and that’s not a fun feeling for the bride or for the vendor who has to tell them it’s not doable.

We’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”, and there is a reason! Quite simply, it’s usually true.

You’re planning a wedding, and you’re on a budget, we get it.. but cost isn’t everything. One thing I say to all my clients is this: Would you rather pay the lower price and be disappointed in the end, or pay a little more for guaranteed service/delivery? If you go for the cheaper option, but are disappointed with the end results, then it was really wasted money, wasn’t it?

elizabeth kay

Photo by Elizabeth in Love

Some things to keep in mind when deciding on whether to choose the lower priced option:

1. Comparability

For example: When looking for a florist you may receive numerous quotes from different florists all quoting, in your mind the same type of flowers, and over all ideas. This however may not be true. Florist #1 might be able to do it for a lower cost than Florist #2 but #1 won’t use as many premium blooms or the size wouldn’t be equal to what Florist # 2 is providing. Each florist has a “recipe”, feel free to ask about the estimated size of a typical bridal bouquet, if the bouquets come with a vase, and upgraded trims (some florists will only work with premium trims and ribbons while others don’t include this in your cost).

2. Service

This ties in with comparability. It can be hard to compare the service you expect to receive when comparing vendors like planners. Ask about what to expect… is the experience you’ll get from the more expensive planner, worth the headache you could save from hiring someone less expensive? What kind of experience can you expect?

3. Deliverability

I’m pretty sure I made that word up. Is your vendor making promises they can’t keep? Are they over promising and under-delivering? For example: 4 different florists advise you not to order peonies in the winter, if you do you risk blooms in not-perfect condition and it will be super expensive to import. You visit another florist who tells you no problem! We can definitely order peonies in and quotes you way below the 4 other florists… that’s a red flag of possible under-delivery, it’s not 4 different florists trying to scam you.

One last thing to keep in mind is the value of the services your getting. If the vendor is offering a price 10x lower than the rates you’re seeing from everyone else, do they really value their own services? If they don’t value their own services, should you?

Although we always work with a team on our wedding days, we are thrilled to have an official team member to help with the planning process as well.

From KarLee,

“Just like Meagan, I’m all about the sparkle. I have a passion for vintage and an eye for style.
I am a goal setter and a go getter, always planning my next adventure and of course what to wear along the way. I am creative, artistic and chatty.

I have an advanced diploma in fashion arts and love keeping up with the trends.
And most importantly I love a good wedding just as much as the next gal!”

We can’t wait to see what KarLee can bring to Weddings Tied With Lace!

Ahh, part three of my goal setting series… January goals. There may only be a couple of weeks left in January but here they are none the less. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 check them out!

niagara fallsPhoto by Daniel Ricci Wedding Photography

A lot of my monthly goals are action steps for my goals for 2015 and what I can do to build a foundation for them.

  • Finish details on my new project and hopefully release them by the end of the month!
  • Plan and style another photo shoot- it won’t happen this month, but I want to begin to think about it.
  • Start each morning with my new routine. ( part of my being productive goal)
  • Complete and stick to my new office hours. 9:30 am – 3:00 pm Monday – Thursday, Fridays are back-end business days so I need to limit the amount of emails in order to get other things done. ( part of my being productive goal)
  • No personal social media during work hours ( part of my being productive goal)
  • Save Money- Vacation & Future home.
  • Consistent blogging- Take one afternoon a week to pre blog 3 entries for the following week. ( Friday Afternoons at Starbucks- lattes, a laptop and no work distractions)
  • Get Dressed every morning ( I know this sounds silly, but do you know how easy it is to just plop myself on my office chair in my pajamas to just do one quick thing and then not move once I’m there.)
  • Make my bed every morning/keep things tidy. My new loft space shares my office and my bedroom. Even though there is a wall with a door, keeping the bedroom neat and tidy goes a long way to my productivity for the day.

Did you do any goal setting this year? This month?  Do we have any similar goals? I’d love for you to share some of your goals below!