Weddings Tied With Lace is a lifestyle wedding planning, designing and floral boutique based in the heart of Niagara. We offer a varierty of services but focus on full scale planning, complete with exclusive design plans and in-house floral services. 

Imagine a celebration suffused with purposeful plans. A party where it's colours, textures, tastes, sounds and character are chosen to tell a real-life, love story. A soiree where it's charming details weren't just based on what looks pretty, but instead were intentionally selected based on meaningful moments intertwined in that story. 

Just like all planners, we will save you time and energy by doing the legwork for you; it's how we tell your story that set's us apart.

A wedding is more than a party. It is a celebration of love, community and committment. I want to help you plan an intentional wedding that focuses on choosing purposeful details that tell your story through design, food choices, entertainment and more.  Your wedding should feel like an intimate dinner party with  your closest friends and family. My mission is to provide you with the tools to create a lifestyle-wedding, which focuses on more than just the pretty, and instead introduces meaningful moments and significant fine points. I aim to provide you with flawless service that alleviates the stress often associated with planning a wedding in your already busy and chaotic lives. From plans on paper, to tangible elements of design, I serve as your personal representive throughout the planning process as well as your wedding day execution

Shortly put, we believe in simplicity, experiences, slow-living, and grace. We believe there is a wonderful beauty in the simple things in life. Being able to slow-down to appreciate the small stuff, setting aside purposeful time to spend with our families, cultivating memories and joy in new experiences and giving ourselves plenty of grace as we set new goals and progress through life.

Our core makes up who we are as a business, why we are in this business and how we can translate our values into our client experience. In a world where most of us are always on the go, taking a minute to slow down to enjoy the small steps in the planning process can be a breath of fresh air. it doesn’t have to feel chaotic and you don’t have to have the weight of stress on your shoulders.

Instead of your wedding planning process ending up as a chore or another never-ending list of things to do, we can show you the more beautiful side of celebration planning where you get to slow down and focus on the simple details that make you feel good.

Niagara is a great place to practice simple, slow-living, even just for a moment. With the vast amount of farmer’s markets, fresh, local, seasonal food is easy to come by. Being able to serve your guests food based on what’s in season as you dine amongst the vineyards and orchards makes it easy to appreciate where our food comes from, and that is an experience all in it’s own.