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  • Hi! I’m Meagan.

    Things that fire me up: sunshine, upbeat music, coffee and lattes, warm summer days, the ocean, bright light, clean lines, flowers and living life.

    I'm a certified wedding planner and destination wedding planner specializing in meaningful, romantic and whimsical weddings with a focus on luxe plans & unique design!

    When I'm not working you can find me reading, relaxing, searching for new adventures, travelling, exercising, and sipping lattes or wine in lovely little cafes.

    I'd be so thrilled if you contacted me to chat about your wedding! You can do that here!

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etiquette tipsStress levels can be high while planning a wedding, but be sure to keep your manners in check or you’ll only add more stress to your life.

1. Consider suggestions from your close family and friends even if you aren’t fond of the idea. Tell them you’ll think about it. If they follow up with you politely explain to them why you’ve decided against the idea.

2. Be prepared to politely explain to your friends and extended family why you had to nix them from the guest list. Not enough space, not in the budget etc.

3. Thank your guests properly after the wedding with a handwritten thank you card. 

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I love Disney but a lot of the themes are either over done or too “kitchy”. I do however love this Beauty and the Beast theme which has just enough touches to pull the theme together without being overbearing.

wedding themes

  • March 6, 2015 - 10:21 am

    Christine March - My guideline is this: If your wedding theme is best suited for a 5 year old’s birthday party then I’m not your gal. But this wedding looks lovely. They’ve restrained the Disney & kept the focus on elegance.ReplyCancel

    • March 6, 2015 - 10:27 am

      Meagles13 - I love working with themes that are magical, as they are so romantic and elegant. I’d love to plan this in real life!!ReplyCancel

what to do after getting engaged

Photo by Elizabeth in Love

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now what?

Here’s the first 3 things you should do after you get engaged:

  1. Set a budget. No really, this is the very first thing you need to do! Check out this post for tips on how to set your budget!
  2. Make a Guest List. Once you have your guest list, guesstimate $100 pp and see if this fits your budget. If not, tweak your guest list. Your catering & venue should make up 40-50% of your entire budget.
  3. Think about a theme/browse for inspiration. Once you get a feel for the kind of event you want, you can start to search for vendors and venues that fit into your vision.
  4. Hire a wedding planner. We’ll help you find everything you need!

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wedding plannerWell, we’re 3 months into 2015! Can you believe that? I’m SO looking forward to warmer days, longer hours of sunshine and not having to worry about this snow anymore! Winter weather is definitely not the best for motivation! Last month I had set these goals:

February Goals

  • Stop frivolous buying. Gas, bills this month, nothing else. As hard as this was, I managed to avoid shopping! Patting myself on the back right now friends!
  • Plan my vacation to London. To live adventurously is one of my goals, so why not plan a trip for a week away? Planned most of my London trip, but I’m not exactly sure when I want to go so it’s on hold for now.
  • Promote, promote, promote the BOSS retreat! Did you click on the link above? If not…. The BOSS Retreat Still working on this as it’s continuous, but ticket sales opened yesterday!!
  • Consistent blogging/ preblogging I’ve set a pretty consistent flow for myself, so you should be able to look forward to lot’s of posts!
  • Have at least February’s blog sheets filled out.. this makes my life so much easier when sitting down to write the piece. Did this! 
  • Prep 2014 taxes… because we all love tax time right? So about that…. I haven’t quite gotten around to this yet… I did say winter weather wasn’t very motivating right??

March Goals

  • Fill all the seats for the Boss Retreat
  • Hustle everyday (no letting this winter weather lack of motivation thing get in my way)
  • No personal social media. Not wasting time being distracted leave more time to hustle.
  • Finish the 1st round of my new project.
  • Live my days as they come. One of my 2015 goals was to let things be, so this ties in with that.

Do you have any goals for March you want to share with us? How did you with your February goals? Post a comment below to chat with us!