Flowers make my heart sing; sunshine makes me jump out of the bed in the morning; the ocean is my happy place; I'm a teeny bit of a coffee snob; my favourite way to spend an evening is sitting outside in a warm breeze with a glass of great wine; I believe life is made for love and adventures.

Are you nervous about planning a wedding in a different city, province or even country? Do you dream of travelling to the perfect Canadian destination to host your wedding but you can't fathom how to start planning from afar? No problem! I specialize in working out of town couples. In fact, about 90% of my clients are not local to the area they are getting married in.

Together, through a series of carefully mastered questionnaires, a virtual workroom to keep all of our planning in check and on schedule, unlimited emails, phone calls and Skype meetings and my network of wedding connections across Canada, we can plan your wedding from anywhere.  


Floral Only- Available May 1st -June 16- Niagara, ON

Floral Only- Available July - Niagara, ON

Full Planning and FloralAvailable October- December - Victoria, BC


Full Planning and Floral Open/ Flexible Availability- Victoria BC

Watch the Behind the Scenes Magic Unfold.