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    We plan and design remarkable weddings. We help you design the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you have big ideas in place or aren’t sure where to start, we’ll sit down with you to dig deep into the details to find out what makes you click as a couple. Of course we believe that every wedding should be beautiful, but we also believe it should be meaningful. We're about simplicity, with a focus on experience over things.

  • Most importantly, while we work hard to make sure you have a beautiful, unique and flawless day, it is also important for us to make sure you have the best wedding planning experience possible! That means our priority isn’t just about the day-of but all of the days leading up to it as well. We want to make sure you are truly happy throughout your adventure. It means the world to us to help you feel loved, encouraged and enlightened as you put your wedding dreams into place.

  • On the personal side, I have always been extremely passionate about weddings. I love to design, create and execute a well-managed event. I fully believe that curating the perfect tablescape, pairing the perfect meal and planning extra details to make your guests feel welcome will create the magical atmosphere all weddings should have. A little piece of my heart and soul goes into each and every wedding I work on. I've been in the wedding industry since I was 15 when I started as a banquet server at a venue. From there I had an interest in designing wedding cakes, I became a certified hair and makeup artist, and I have dabbled in the world of photography and flowers. Living in Niagara between two lakes, amongst the vineyards, wineries and boutique shops is definitely an inspiring place to be. On top of my client list full of couples who are madly in love, I hope to inspire and educate other planners and creatives in the industry.

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